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Group Classes & Course Descriptions

All of our classes are on a drop in basis. If you are a beginner that has never taken a group or private lesson, you are more than welcome to drop in on a beginning class. WE LOVE BEGINNERS! 

The group classes that are posted on the homepage are the classes that are taught on a weekly basis at the studio.

The UNM Continuing Education schedule is listed with start dates on the homepage. 

You can purchase the UNM classes on their website or if you are a repeat student at our studio you can purchase the course through us at the same price.



Hit the clubs in L.A., New York, or Albuquerque and you'll see dancers doing the popular L.A. style salsa. Learn how to get your salsa started in this introductory course where you'll begin with the basics of L.A. style salsa and take it from there. No partner is required.



Experience the fun of ballroom dancing with this introductory class​ in partner dancing.  You'll learn the most popular ballroom dances including: waltz, fox trot, east coast swing and cha cha. Couples and singles are welcome as participants will change partners often durning the class. No partner is required and no experience is necessary. 


Swing is a carefree and joyous dance that became popular in the 1940's. It is danced to up‐tempo music from Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong and 50's style rock and roll, to bands playing today in Albuquerque's Rockabilly scene. Whether you're going to a wedding, a posh club or your company Christmas party, you're sure to get a chance to swing. 



Get into the swing of country dancing! Pick up the basics of country two step and swing in this fun and energetic course. We will also shake a leg at some of the great Americana dances such as polka and country waltz. No partner required. 


The Hustle is a fast paced, quick turning show stopper on the dance floor that is sure to be a hit at any wedding reception. Hustle takes its cues from latin dancing, but its heart lies in the club beats found in the 1970’s New York discotheques of its origin. Hustle is the perfect dance for beginners looking to make a splash! No partner required


Country Waltz is very similar to Viennese Waltz. The difference in Country Waltz is we love to spin and twirl. Come and learn a new and inventive way to dance the very first recorded dance. This class is replacing Country Two Step and Swing for one session. No partner required.


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